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#Tomato Magnified36Kaboomer#Tomato Magnifiedyoung Albert Einstein, 189335GioconnoConnoyoung Albert Einstein, 1893Cool Coral Fossil at Swatara Gap35AmyJoyCool Coral Fossil at Swatara GapMecha Angel120Anima1986Mecha Angel#Ladybower Reservoir UK112Kaboomer#Ladybower Reservoir UKBeatrix Potter, Fungi 4120ursaBeatrix Potter, Fungi 4solar flare seen on different wavelengths120bardunsolar flare seen on different wavelengthsHydoponics60AmyJoyHydoponicsLast supper scientists66puzzleninjaLast supper scientistsAlaska160TeaLeafAlaska#Earth Our Blue Marble25Kaboomer#Earth Our Blue MarbleGeometry Art16WiccaSmurfGeometry ArtAlien Planet Not - Just Silver Ore70AmyJoyAlien Planet Not - Just Silver OreMedium120MediumStrange and Weird12AmyJoyStrange and WeirdTalbot Woods28CarlyleCTalbot WoodsNasa's Earth Observatory36kVwPuzzleNasa's Earth Observatorygenius x 280joegoodbyegenius x 2Under the capacitor Tree300KalvinNationUnder the capacitor TreeMile 0413 Who Needs GPS88AmyJoyMile 0413 Who Needs GPSRrr nightingale, wintercompanion summer holidays300Rrr nightingale, wintercompanion summer holidaysLarge Hadron Collider96extremophile6740Large Hadron ColliderAllons-y! by Sankaat at deviantart299Allons-y! by Sankaat at deviantart#Araucaria Araucana- Microscopic Plant Tissue9Kaboomer#Araucaria Araucana- Microscopic Plant Tissue