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Indirect lighting70micaelisIndirect lightingYet another broad view of things68micaelisYet another broad view of thingsFractured mountainside70micaelisFractured mountainsidescenery-Cape Coral130yankeescenery-Cape CoralValley with a tinge of green70micaelisValley with a tinge of greenA frosty view down the valley70micaelisA frosty view down the valleyDistant mountains, lake close by70micaelisDistant mountains, lake close byComingHome99damaiComingHomeFull-fledged autumn70micaelisFull-fledged autumnHints of autumn70micaelisHints of autumnExercise in black and white72micaelisExercise in black and whitehorse in field168CGorsthorse in fieldRainbowFallsHawaii120damaiRainbowFallsHawaiiWoodland Path in the Fall300EmbeeWoodland Path in the FallRainbow Over Fall Lined River289EmbeeRainbow Over Fall Lined RiverSnow-covered heights72micaelisSnow-covered heightsBeautiful night-Alaska98GerivBeautiful night-AlaskaAnother broad view of things68micaelisAnother broad view of thingsLovely scenery99Lovely sceneryA broad view of things70micaelisA broad view of thingsA river tied in knots70micaelisA river tied in knotsWandering and divided river70micaelisWandering and divided riverFlowers and rock70micaelisFlowers and rockMountain and tundra70micaelisMountain and tundra