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Castle 148 - Bratislava, Slovakia36mika7Castle 148 - Bratislava, SlovakiaAlternative Transportation~Merry Kohn Buvia99BronwynAlternative Transportation~Merry Kohn BuviaHanging house16patijewlHanging houseFull moon160sherrie11Full moonCastle 147 - Vufflens, Switzerland35mika7Castle 147 - Vufflens, SwitzerlandThe Grass is Always Greener~ M K Buvia99BronwynThe Grass is Always Greener~ M K BuviaMausoleum of Attar Neishabouri20patijewlMausoleum of Attar NeishabouriVarenna, Italy 02300EmbeeVarenna, Italy 02Kotor300EmbeeKotorA Merry Christmas~ Merry Kohn Buvia99BronwynA Merry Christmas~ Merry Kohn BuviaCastle 146 - Inveraray, Scotland35mika7Castle 146 - Inveraray, ScotlandHouse in South Carolina30auntpatty34House in South CarolinaA cold winter night120sherrie11A cold winter nightCastle 145 - Carisbrooke, England35mika7Castle 145 - Carisbrooke, EnglandOrthodox church16patijewlOrthodox churchby lake Van, Turkey112bardunby lake Van, TurkeyTime for a Break108PicturePerfectTime for a BreakCastle 144 - Ratilly, France35mika7Castle 144 - Ratilly, FranceGriswold Inn~ JaxWallaceBaker99BronwynGriswold Inn~ JaxWallaceBakerMountain Inn12patijewlMountain InnSnowy lamp post300seeyalater18Snowy lamp postCastle 143 - Burnand, France35mika7Castle 143 - Burnand, FranceScenic Village in Italy15bodhi4meScenic Village in Italy"Green" architecture20patijewl"Green" architecture