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Sapphire widow and door35malwa491Sapphire widow and doorSapphire Blue Chiffon Dress28TigerjagSapphire Blue Chiffon DressTiffany Blue Scales Bracelet, Close-up98GoldGalTiffany Blue Scales Bracelet, Close-upSapphire54SapphireAmericana photo by Roger Braunstein via Flickr CC BY 2.035FadeAmericana photo by Roger Braunstein via Flickr CC BY 2.0Gems15RobinBGems3rd Gen Chaos198Akuhime8133rd Gen Chaos^ Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring25300zx^ Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring^ Ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond bracelet36300zx^ Ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond braceletSapphireRose99shadysea720SapphireRosePokemon221Pokemon^ Sapphire and diamond earrings42300zx^ Sapphire and diamond earringsSapphire By Kolakis 1280x800198Sapphire By Kolakis 1280x800^ Natural intense pink Ceylon sapphire48300zx^ Natural intense pink Ceylon sapphire^ Purple sapphire and diamond ring42300zx^ Purple sapphire and diamond ring^ Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald48300zx^ Diamond, Sapphire, EmeraldBombay Sapphire40aprylBombay SapphireSapphire Orchid...100MyDustyGirlSapphire Orchid...Yellow Sapphire49Yellow SapphireGem36GemKauai 2012 068300jhmtravelerKauai 2012 068Three Fairies of Light300OneMoreThree Fairies of LightSapphire20SapphireSApphire20SApphire