42 puzzles tagged sandwiches

^ Croque Monsieurs, fancy ham and cheese sandwiches
Ice cream sandwiches
#WMP Castle Howard Afternoon Tea
^ Greek Salad Sandwich
^ Toasty Egg Sandwiches
^ Cheeseburger
^ Turkey Salad Sandwich
^ Chicken Caesar Sandwiches
^ Asian Slow-Roasted Salmon
^ Looks like a picnic to me
^ Mexican grilled cheese with lime
^ Roast Turkey Cobb Sandwich
^ Egg Salad Supreme
^ Tea Sandwiches
^ Turkey sandwich
^ Egg Salad BLTA Sandwich
^ Grilled Cheese
^ Fried Chicken Sandwich with Slaw and Spicy Mayo
^ fun size food and drink
^ veggies sandwiches
^ Cucumber Sandwiches