203 puzzles tagged sandwich
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^ Chorizo Garlic Shrimp Burger
^ Eggplant burger and curly fries
^ Sandwich for lunch
^ Gourmet hamburger
^ Turkey sandwich
^ Subs on a plate
Ham Sandwich
^ Club Sandwich
Pressed Sandwiches
Green Sandwich
Sandwich Stack
Sloppy Joe Panini
^ Something big for game day
^ Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
^ Bacon Butty
^ Sparerib Sandwich
^ 'The Elvis' ~ Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon sandwich
^ Lunch
^ Pork barbecue and fries
^ Egg Salad Sandwich on an English Muffin
^ Bacon, egg salad, tomato, lettuce sandwich
Sandwich Innards
^ Egg salad sandwich and fries