37 puzzles tagged sacred

Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Navajo Nation (US)
Ruins of the Oracle of Delphi, Mt. Parnassus Nat. Park, Greece
Mt. Taylor, New Mexico - Threatened Sacred Site
Zuni Sacred Mesa (Dowa Yalanne) Zuni Reservation, NM
Three Sisters - Blue Mountains NP
Pinnacles National Park - Australia
Baboquivari Mountain. (Wilderness)
^ Basilique Du Sacre Coeur De Montmatre, Paris
Gokyo Lakes -- Nepal
Sacred ways
Nikko National Park Sacred Bridge, Japan
Pilgrims on the Road to Mt. Tai
View of Taishan Mountain, sacred mountain in China
Sacred geometry 8
Sacred Maori site, Castle Hill, New Zealand
Sacred time
13 Moon Mandala
Temple mandala
Red Sri Yantra
Face of Christ by Fra Angelico
The Risen Christ by Fra Angelico
Sri Yantra
Tibetian yak