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Bolków zamek ruiny POLAND300GochnaBolków zamek ruiny POLANDNalatale Ruins, Gweru99EcclesiastesNalatale Ruins, GweruAncient Ruins, Portugal30StacheoAncient Ruins, PortugalB2192bakerdkB2Colossus of Rhodes site today24pcpinColossus of Rhodes site todayHanging Gardens of Babylon24pcpinHanging Gardens of BabylonLighthouse of Alexandria 624pcpinLighthouse of Alexandria 6Lighthouse of Alexandria 324pcpinLighthouse of Alexandria 3Pyramids of Giza 224pcpinPyramids of Giza 2Pyramids of Giza 324pcpinPyramids of Giza 3Temple of Zeus east pediment24pcpinTemple of Zeus east pedimentTemple of Artemis ruins20pcpinTemple of Artemis ruins14522024_1304271706280472_1647220554_o112DouoD14522024_1304271706280472_1647220554_oAbandoned Boat Art by Zilda99MorvorenAbandoned Boat Art by ZildaFullmoon at athens96zatjiFullmoon at athensZheleznodorozhny, gate of the castle Gerdauen96puzlartZheleznodorozhny, gate of the castle GerdauenRuins Ireland54Vivien2012Ruins Irelandruined architecture70ruined architectureMachu Picchu, Peru28StacheoMachu Picchu, PeruZelenopole,  Ruins of the Lutheran church 159570puzlartZelenopole, Ruins of the Lutheran church 1595Wygiełzów zamek ruiny POLAND300GochnaWygiełzów zamek ruiny POLANDCar35dhcpCar05772masterpiecer057Baldwin County, Georgia150BigSteveBaldwin County, Georgia