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Żółta róża12LalkaŻółta różaPiękno róż12LalkaPiękno różRose bouquet150tnbsktsRose bouquetPerfect Pink Rose70sg2310Perfect Pink Roseblue rose12desert1979blue rose'Rosy' by Bella Kotak20dangergirl'Rosy' by Bella Kotakwoollymama180woollymamaFor the bride110Susie01For the brideRóża300GochnaRóżarainbow roses150mamasharainbow rosesroses40spkomorosesFleur77kiki6285FleurGray- red roses70nobody0Gray- red rosesTea and Cakes 161300TwinklesnorfTea and Cakes 161Still life with fan and pearls150tnbsktsStill life with fan and pearlsLavender Rose40Debbiesue35Lavender RoseTeatime with flowers120tnbsktsTeatime with flowersScreenshot 2017-09-06 at 4.12.17 PM49Screenshot 2017-09-06 at 4.12.17 PMBirthday cake @ Cake Central143Susie01Birthday cake @ Cake CentralPink roses80tnbsktsPink rosesRoses121tnbsktsRosesCoffee time120tnbsktsCoffee timeTea and Cakes 159289TwinklesnorfTea and Cakes 159Rose99dac1962Rose