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Creamy Yellow Rose72sg2310Creamy Yellow RoseRed Tipped White Rose72sg2310Red Tipped White RosePurple Edged White Rose72sg2310Purple Edged White Rose13220940_501276720080176_2968209856641228560_n10813220940_501276720080176_2968209856641228560_nred rose bud160krabby57red rose budrose25sadladyrosecharming flowers15ardenacharming flowersRose, Gloria Dei, yellow, pink and white35artytypeRose, Gloria Dei, yellow, pink and whiteRose, two-tone pink, 'The Painter'35artytypeRose, two-tone pink, 'The Painter'Roses, pink and yellow35artytypeRoses, pink and yellowRoses63FrogyRosesRose30FrogyRoseWhite and Pink Roses42FrogyWhite and Pink RosesBoxes of Roses72sg2310Boxes of RosesDSC_0175_vadrózsa9bheriyaDSC_0175_vadrózsaBouquet of Roses  ☺150SisserBouquet of Roses ☺De mi jardin 9412KurtaDe mi jardin 94De mi jardin 9315KurtaDe mi jardin 93Roses36mysteryfanRosesRoses roses roses45mysteryfanRoses roses rosesBluebird156diana473BluebirdRose108Roseroses300seeyalater18rosesAdmirable Rose !70Charlie1934Admirable Rose !