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Rooster12mika7RoosterThe Alarm Clock88alseaThe Alarm ClockTupp färggrann192MorsanTupp färggrannrooster and two hens12qwertzrooster and two hensCoq32heringCoqRooster in Hawaii77heights18145Rooster in HawaiiColorful rooster28gerryakColorful rooster16386854_1233386880032147_5099883619988305045_n20416386854_1233386880032147_5099883619988305045_nThe new year: the rooster228magpie65The new year: the roosterChinese New Year35gelsominaChinese New YearChinese New Year Decorated Tree28TigerjagChinese New Year Decorated TreeChinese New Year Traditional Food Nian Gao 224TigerjagChinese New Year Traditional Food Nian Gao 2Chinese New Year Traditional Food Nian Gao12TigerjagChinese New Year Traditional Food Nian GaoChinese New Year Traditional Decorations24TigerjagChinese New Year Traditional DecorationsChinese New Year in Phuket20TigerjagChinese New Year in PhuketChinese New Year Parade 215TigerjagChinese New Year Parade 2Chinese New Year Parade15TigerjagChinese New Year ParadeChinese New Year Lions20TigerjagChinese New Year LionsChinese New Year Lion Dance35TigerjagChinese New Year Lion DanceChinese New Year Dancers20TigerjagChinese New Year Dancers^ Chicken with eggs25300zx^ Chicken with eggsRooster Express204clynndunnRooster ExpressLinda Picken 1208JditriLinda Picken 1100_209263100_2092