20 puzzles tagged rook

CHESS!12normaloisCHESS!Rook (Corvus frugilegus)150mardukwinsRook (Corvus frugilegus)Rook110lornetRookRook [Corbeau freux]80camille89Rook [Corbeau freux]Rook at Stonehenge48JohnboyMNRook at StonehengeDon't tell me! *Gasp* It was you all the time?120RookwingsDon't tell me! *Gasp* It was you all the time?Rooks can run too...198RookwingsRooks can run too...a Rook180Rookwingsa RookSceptical Crow suspects something180RookwingsSceptical Crow suspects somethingRook35msteimerRookMichael Vey28msteimerMichael VeyFrench humour35heringFrench humourRook15RookSaw this Rookwings and thought of you221VivienneSaw this Rookwings and thought of you*Anna Silivonchik80pinkylee*Anna SilivonchikNope. None here either. ;P224RookwingsNope. None here either. ;PSepia rooks150RookwingsSepia rooksPardon the pun ;)198RookwingsPardon the pun ;)Rook on the rocks, for Meiki176RookwingsRook on the rocks, for MeikiSomeone calling me "Scary"? ;P196RookwingsSomeone calling me "Scary"? ;P