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roofs of Deauville112bardunroofs of Deauvillethatched and slate roof cottages88deegeffthatched and slate roof cottagesTarragona, Santa-Tecla, Spain228catlocTarragona, Santa-Tecla, SpainBologna Italy54musaraBologna ItalyQuimper, Crêperie, Bretagne35catlocQuimper, Crêperie, BretagneRoofs of Azenhas35gelsominaRoofs of AzenhasSod roofs in Norway150deanoSod roofs in NorwayParma, Piazza Garibaldi, Italia35catlocParma, Piazza Garibaldi, ItaliaJosselin, Vieille ville, Bretagne35catlocJosselin, Vieille ville, BretagneWien, cityscape, Austria96puzlartWien, cityscape, AustriaParis, rooftops at night, France96catlocParis, rooftops at night, FranceJargalant, roofs, Mongolia35catlocJargalant, roofs, MongoliaBlue roofs in Paris192AnneALHBlue roofs in ParisParis, Toitures, France99catlocParis, Toitures, FranceParis, Toits en zinc, France63catlocParis, Toits en zinc, FranceRennes-le-Château from above6patijewlRennes-le-Château from aboveWhite persian96VIXENWhite persianMorlaix, Alain Coadou210bardunMorlaix, Alain CoadouSaint-Pétersbourg, cityscape, Russia96catlocSaint-Pétersbourg, cityscape, Russia#Roadside Cottages24Kaboomer#Roadside CottagesFes, green roofs, Marocco60catlocFes, green roofs, Marocco#Rondewals at My Safari Camp- My Photo32Kaboomer#Rondewals at My Safari Camp- My PhotoSt Austremoine, Issoire112bardunSt Austremoine, Issoire#Unusual Plane House30Kaboomer#Unusual Plane House