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Reconstruction of Diocletian's palace in Split24patijewlReconstruction of Diocletian's palace in SplitPlaces - St Peters Square - Rome196Magpie627Places - St Peters Square - RomeRome91RomeSanta Francesca Romana - Italy42occhiverdiSanta Francesca Romana - ItalyRoman Forum35mimees6Roman ForumIMG_123835mimees6IMG_1238Sistine chapel35mimees6Sistine chapelRome by Dragan Todorovic100MorvorenRome by Dragan TodorovicRome, Italy60Valjeane1949Rome, ItalyThrough a keyhole9occhiverdiThrough a keyholeVatican, Rome112bardunVatican, RomeRome memorial300Rome memorialRome, Italy120DingwallRome, ItalyBasilica Di S. Ignazio - Rome Italy160RitaAlexandreaBasilica Di S. Ignazio - Rome ItalyRoma, Aventino108Roma, AventinoRome300fellow76RomePonte Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome170villachampPonte Vittorio Emanuele II, RomeExplored here many times before it became a costly attraction!15normaloisExplored here many times before it became a costly attraction!Pantheon300serunPantheonCroisière PACIFICA 820300Croisière PACIFICA 820Colosseum99jasminezilphaColosseumRome 199jasminezilphaRome 1Pompeii99jasminezilphaPompeiiRome300restokes86Rome