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Photo by Tina K. RIP77Photo by Tina K. RIPSimpson Beach Oregon99DIMLSimpson Beach OregonCastlepoint beach, Wairarapa, New Zealand12smjmCastlepoint beach, Wairarapa, New ZealandDawn's Light~ Vivienne Chanelle99BronwynDawn's Light~ Vivienne ChanelleMack Arch-Oregon Coast35KarlitosMack Arch-Oregon CoastPhoto by Tina K. RIP88Photo by Tina K. RIPPhoto by Tina K. RIP88Photo by Tina K. RIPLake Sunrise300RendezvouSLake SunriseDevilsPunchbowl-oregon coast35KarlitosDevilsPunchbowl-oregon coastLacets vers la belle bleue99ValerieLLacets vers la belle bleueBeautiful Meteora, Greece100mamileBeautiful Meteora, GreeceFishing by the rocks91janellecarterFishing by the rocksTropical Paradise35Cookie303Tropical ParadisePhoto by Tina K. RIP88Photo by Tina K. RIPMaravillosa naturaleza 7300PommeMaravillosa naturaleza 7Automobile-desert-dunes-rocks300Automobile-desert-dunes-rocksUmayyad Palace, Amman99EcclesiastesUmayyad Palace, AmmanMountain Road300RendezvouSMountain RoadPhoto by Tina K. RIP88Photo by Tina K. RIPRiver rocks80shaperRiver rocksCanyon Water300RendezvouSCanyon WaterScorpion12ardenaScorpionCurbar Edge, Derbyshire, England P105098699HerringboneCurbar Edge, Derbyshire, England P1050986Sea Splash and Colorful Rocks120gamtnwxSea Splash and Colorful Rocks