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Peeking through the Trees99FrancesPPeeking through the TreesAutumn on Summersville Lake, WV99FrancesPAutumn on Summersville Lake, WVGauley Season on Gauley River, WV99FrancesPGauley Season on Gauley River, WVSailboat Regatta 299FrancesPSailboat Regatta 2Sailboat Regatta99FrancesPSailboat RegattaDriftwood on Summersville Lake, WV99FrancesPDriftwood on Summersville Lake, WVElk River Paddle, WV99FrancesPElk River Paddle, WVLong Point Marina on Summersville Lake, WV99FrancesPLong Point Marina on Summersville Lake, WVReflection on Summersville Lake, WV99FrancesPReflection on Summersville Lake, WVBattle Run on Summersville Lake, WV99FrancesPBattle Run on Summersville Lake, WVBack country beauty130sherrie11Back country beautyFrozen Summersville Lake, WV99FrancesPFrozen Summersville Lake, WVBelow Long Point Cliff on Summersville Lake99FrancesPBelow Long Point Cliff on Summersville LakeIsland on Summersville Lake, WV99FrancesPIsland on Summersville Lake, WVSummersville Lake Evening99FrancesPSummersville Lake EveningSummersville Lake from the Lighthouse99FrancesPSummersville Lake from the LighthouseSummersville Lake Shore99FrancesPSummersville Lake ShoreNew River, WV99FrancesPNew River, WVGreenbrier River, WV99FrancesPGreenbrier River, WVSummersville Lake, WV99FrancesPSummersville Lake, WVCarson-JohnColtersEncounterwiththeBlackfeet70TrishaLeeCarson-JohnColtersEncounterwiththeBlackfeetNR Gorge Bridge99FrancesPNR Gorge BridgeNew River Gorge Bridge99FrancesPNew River Gorge BridgeTurning Back the Clock~ Wooster Scott99BronwynTurning Back the Clock~ Wooster Scott