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Universe planets156diana473Universe planets7d9192744b70e8d1efb9990de43171293007d9192744b70e8d1efb9990de4317129Rainbow Rings140Rainbow RingsJoe Gilronan The House Of Tom Bombadil204JimbobovalsocksJoe Gilronan The House Of Tom BombadilTwo rings49JuiceTwo ringsRing81Ring^ Fried shrimp, onion rings, baked beans & cole slaw35300zx^ Fried shrimp, onion rings, baked beans & cole slawrings91benpuzzledoverringsGrilled steak dinner35girlygirlGrilled steak dinner#Brilliant Hot Planet6Kaboomer#Brilliant Hot PlanetColourful rings by pink al35girlygirlColourful rings by pink alGandalf180spxxGandalf^ Buffalo wings and onion rings35300zx^ Buffalo wings and onion ringsBoromir 3299StoryWeaverBoromir 3Aragorn 12300StoryWeaverAragorn 12Arwen 6300StoryWeaverArwen 6Saruman300StoryWeaverSarumanFrodo 8300StoryWeaverFrodo 8Eowyn 2300StoryWeaverEowyn 2Lord of the Rings 9300StoryWeaverLord of the Rings 9Frodo 7300StoryWeaverFrodo 7Haldir300StoryWeaverHaldirAragorn 11300StoryWeaverAragorn 11Lord of the Rings 8300StoryWeaverLord of the Rings 8