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Duomo, Arezzo99EcclesiastesDuomo, ArezzoLe Christ de l'abbaye de Fontenay24catlocLe Christ de l'abbaye de FontenayCrucifix140sandrac103CrucifixMaen y Bardd Burial Chamber35WhitebeardMaen y Bardd Burial ChamberVarious 672 stained glass300PixiVarious 672 stained glassMuseo di Santa Giulia, Brescia99EcclesiastesMuseo di Santa Giulia, BresciaDuomo Nuovo, Brescia96EcclesiastesDuomo Nuovo, BresciaDuomo di Milano & Piazza del Duomo96EcclesiastesDuomo di Milano & Piazza del DuomoParis, église de la Madeleine60catlocParis, église de la MadeleineBasilica di Superga, Torino99EcclesiastesBasilica di Superga, TorinoSainte Bernadette, 4735catlocSainte Bernadette, 47Caen, Abbaye aux Dames15catlocCaen, Abbaye aux DamesCaen, Abbaye aux Hommes15catlocCaen, Abbaye aux HommesSt Sannan's, Bedwellty35WhitebeardSt Sannan's, BedwelltySt Winefride's Well40WhitebeardSt Winefride's Well10981645_427882657367081_6680706551670802477_n208Sabbaththekitty10981645_427882657367081_6680706551670802477_nBruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels300KatkillrBruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel AngelsThe Storm on the Sea of Galilee300KatkillrThe Storm on the Sea of GalileeDivines120Anima1986DivinesElisabethenkirche, Basel96EcclesiastesElisabethenkirche, BaselGrossmünster, Zürich96EcclesiastesGrossmünster, ZürichCarlo-crivelli annunciation-with-saint-emidius300ddubzCarlo-crivelli annunciation-with-saint-emidiusPfarrkirche St. Nikolaus, Balzers99EcclesiastesPfarrkirche St. Nikolaus, Balzers^ Escorial Monastery scenery in Madrid, Spain45300zx^ Escorial Monastery scenery in Madrid, Spain