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Tawny owl60leoleobobeoTawny owlRaptor - © 2015 gmadeb3100TigerladyRaptor - © 2015 gmadeb3Ford F-150 Raptor-1180Ford F-150 Raptor-1Carrion Feeder300EmbeeCarrion FeederRaptors at Hickam300LCDR1635Raptors at HickamEastern Osprey NSW Austrailia88janellecarterEastern Osprey NSW AustrailiaMilitary Technology299Military TechnologyAirshow fighter jet70CarocatAirshow fighter jetBarred-owl-photo300Barred-owl-photoUtahraptor by NunoPereira204AllosauridaeUtahraptor by NunoPereiraFEATURED BIRD PROFILE15zipnonFEATURED BIRD PROFILEMalachite Kingfisher96janellecarterMalachite KingfisherBroad winged hawk May 22.1690eiguocBroad winged hawk May 22.16Great Grey Owl photo by jok200020FadeGreat Grey Owl photo by jok2000Barbs on the tongue80janellecarterBarbs on the tongueRed Raptor100EmbeeRed RaptorNorthern Pygmy Owl by Julie Gourdeau Fish Creek Provincial Park20FadeNorthern Pygmy Owl by Julie Gourdeau Fish Creek Provincial ParkEagle portrait from corvid research blog35FadeEagle portrait from corvid research blogRAPTOR150KRAKATOA253RAPTORSuccessful Hunt35FadeSuccessful HuntBarred owl12FadeBarred owlF 22 Raptor88shaperF 22 RaptorBald Eagle150EmbeeBald EagleRed Tailed Hawk130bettymac07Red Tailed Hawk