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Colorful train8ardenaColorful trainTSSR0201 2008-01-20 09-23-38bf MaydelleTX copy150rteeterTSSR0201 2008-01-20 09-23-38bf MaydelleTX copyTSSR0201 2008-01-20 07-57-05bf RuskTX copy150rteeterTSSR0201 2008-01-20 07-57-05bf RuskTX copy1898 0-4-4T No 1 MOD CROP99tylerjohnjigsaw1898 0-4-4T No 1 MOD CROPNW 611 signals & bridge MOD4 CROP99tylerjohnjigsawNW 611 signals & bridge MOD4 CROPcolorful train12ardenacolorful train60103 Flying Scotsman 2 MOD99tylerjohnjigsaw60103 Flying Scotsman 2 MODTRE566 2008-05-23 15-27-46bf WestIrvingTX copy150rteeterTRE566 2008-05-23 15-27-46bf WestIrvingTX copyBR 30120 designed 1899 MOD99tylerjohnjigsawBR 30120 designed 1899 MODTrain-derail copy150rteeterTrain-derail copyTrack2 copy150rteeterTrack2 copyBR 40106 MOD299tylerjohnjigsawBR 40106 MOD2Houston East and West Texas Railroad Caboose35Condemnedeye10Houston East and West Texas Railroad CabooseSan Diego and Arizona Railroad Tunnel96gamtnwxSan Diego and Arizona Railroad TunnelWestbound Grain Train near Sandpoint ID by drewhalv121groc1Westbound Grain Train near Sandpoint ID by drewhalvStrates show equipment6 copy150rteeterStrates show equipment6 copyEngine 3932mika7Engine 39Saddle Tank Portbury MOD99tylerjohnjigsawSaddle Tank Portbury MOD0-6-0-Saddle Tank built 1942 MOD299tylerjohnjigsaw0-6-0-Saddle Tank built 1942 MOD2#10 Col. Teague140#10 Col. TeagueNo2 0-4-0 built 1911 MOD99tylerjohnjigsawNo2 0-4-0 built 1911 MOD60103 Flying Scotsman MOD99tylerjohnjigsaw60103 Flying Scotsman MODSteam-80136-Glyndyfrdwy-2007-08-27a copy150rteeterSteam-80136-Glyndyfrdwy-2007-08-27a copySteam-65462-Weybourne-2007-07-13a copy150rteeterSteam-65462-Weybourne-2007-07-13a copy