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Orange pieced quilt.35jillnjoOrange pieced quilt.Village Quilt35LoisMountzVillage Quiltcharm quilt196susan75charm quiltEmma in the Looking Glass Art Quilt70WyoAZgalEmma in the Looking Glass Art QuiltEnter My Sanctuary Art Quilt80WyoAZgalEnter My Sanctuary Art QuiltCapturing Brittany Art Quilt72WyoAZgalCapturing Brittany Art QuiltQuiltart39563tinatdQuiltart395Byrne's Spiral, Beth Nufer210bardunByrne's Spiral, Beth NuferSarah duffey quilt40WettSarah duffey quiltMolly stevens entry tokoyo quilt festival72WettMolly stevens entry tokoyo quilt festivalZingy colored quilt24jillnjoZingy colored quiltExciting Handbag45WyoAZgalExciting HandbagQuiltart12348tinatdQuiltart123Yalke Blue Tribal Fabric56WyoAZgalYalke Blue Tribal FabricDay Lilies Quilt Close Up Jinny Beyer70WyoAZgalDay Lilies Quilt Close Up Jinny BeyerRhapsody Quilt Close-Up Jinny Beyer70WyoAZgalRhapsody Quilt Close-Up Jinny BeyerHarry Wysocki 'Bird in Hand Quilts'150rwmainHarry Wysocki 'Bird in Hand Quilts'Wild Bush Flowers Fabric56WyoAZgalWild Bush Flowers FabricBeautiful Beading80ArtQuarkBeautiful BeadingCrazy quilt by marcie carr56walkswithCrazy quilt by marcie carrCloseup 23300anadroirCloseup 23Closeup 21300anadroirCloseup 21Magic Circles photo by Alan Levine28FadeMagic Circles photo by Alan LevineStrawberry patchwork9jillnjoStrawberry patchwork