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^ Mary Singleton art24300zx^ Mary Singleton artcrazy quilt detail, Maryline Collioud252barduncrazy quilt detail, Maryline CollioudQuilt design35patbergerQuilt designquilt204susan75quiltRebecca Barker 'The Oregon Trail'144rwmainRebecca Barker 'The Oregon Trail'Embroidered quilt100samara0217Embroidered quiltSleepy dog on the couch.15jillnjoSleepy dog on the couch.Embroidered quilt120Embroidered quiltCorinne Ferguson 'Laundry Day'150rwmainCorinne Ferguson 'Laundry Day'Quilt design70patbergerQuilt designTHE QUILTMAKER LADY99InnovativemomTHE QUILTMAKER LADYsunset on the beach252bardunsunset on the beachPuppy fun96alseaPuppy funIpad Fotos 304263martinemassijIpad Fotos 3042Winterset quilt12jillnjoWinterset quiltWhen the Sunset Crowns Mt. Fuji (by Mihoko Tanaka)80AnnikeWhen the Sunset Crowns Mt. Fuji (by Mihoko Tanaka)Poppy Art Quilt (created by Sharon Koppel)63AnnikePoppy Art Quilt (created by Sharon Koppel)Everything Under the Sun (created by Barbara Harms)80AnnikeEverything Under the Sun (created by Barbara Harms)Needlework150SodaNeedleworkStars-and-Stripes90patbergerStars-and-StripesQuilting90patbergerQuiltingfeed sack quilt192susan75feed sack quiltquilt on a shelf195susan75quilt on a shelfTeazel Shared p16-5 1536-4 12 2017-10-03-4672Teazel Shared p16-5 1536-4 12 2017-10-03-46