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purple flower54cjmaxpurple flowerLovely Lively Locks96marymeowLovely Lively Lockshealthy food12ardenahealthy foodIt's Spring!156diana473It's Spring!Rebecca300RandlerRebeccaPhantom of the Opera - Carlotta198RandlerPhantom of the Opera - CarlottaTaye Diggs120RandlerTaye DiggsPink Velvet Cake with Purple Buttercream Frosting24TigerjagPink Velvet Cake with Purple Buttercream FrostingAs Storms Begin to Rage96marymeowAs Storms Begin to RageFruit Smoothies in Mason Jars90GoldGalFruit Smoothies in Mason JarsQueen in the Palace Ruins, by Martha Boers99GoldGalQueen in the Palace Ruins, by Martha BoersBird Orchid56NervebreakerBird OrchidParrot Flower (exquisite)70NervebreakerParrot Flower (exquisite)Darth Vader Orchid (so cool)50NervebreakerDarth Vader Orchid (so cool)Dove or Holy Ghost Orchid60NervebreakerDove or Holy Ghost OrchidPassion Flower50NervebreakerPassion FlowerPurple African Daisy56NervebreakerPurple African Daisy'Star of Beauty'54Nervebreaker'Star of Beauty'Unusual 1a (similar to passion flowers)63NervebreakerUnusual 1a (similar to passion flowers)Unusual 1b -birdlike48NervebreakerUnusual 1b -birdlikeUnusual 1d (unique form)60NervebreakerUnusual 1d (unique form)Unusual 1e40NervebreakerUnusual 1eUnusual 1g (like big bells)90NervebreakerUnusual 1g (like big bells)Flying Duck Orchids - two blooms54NervebreakerFlying Duck Orchids - two blooms