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Christmas Animals48TuptusiaChristmas AnimalsBeagle70BeagleMini pig35ayrtonMini pigHey! She's got her Tongue In My Ear!24TigerjagHey! She's got her Tongue In My Ear!Those Eyes Though35TigerjagThose Eyes ThoughYorkshire Terrier Puppies15bodhi4meYorkshire Terrier PuppiesLes fleurs du mal63occhiverdiLes fleurs du malXmas pups 201142Xmas pups 2011Sprawled36TigerjagSprawledSnowy Irish Setter20TigerjagSnowy Irish SetterCorgi Powered25TigerjagCorgi PoweredBernese Mountain Dog Puppy80AnnikeBernese Mountain Dog PuppyPuppy & Chicks56dawest58Puppy & ChicksRomy Had 15 Pups24TigerjagRomy Had 15 PupsBernese Mountain Dog pups35TigerjagBernese Mountain Dog pupsPuppies w:kitten192MoonDolcePuppies w:kittenBuddy108ThebeeBuddyGreg Giordano 'Puppy & Cardinal'150rwmainGreg Giordano 'Puppy & Cardinal'Dog 83 (Chihuahua)300KaraMelekDog 83 (Chihuahua)Cat and Dog 10300KaraMelekCat and Dog 10Mountain Bernese Puppy35TigerjagMountain Bernese PuppyJenny Rainbow28TigerjagJenny RainbowGolden and Irish28TigerjagGolden and IrishGerman Shepherd Puppy140German Shepherd Puppy