36 puzzles tagged pre-raphaelite

A fair reflection, by John William Godward96A fair reflection, by John William GodwardPreraphaelite Woman 399Preraphaelite Woman 3John William Godward 599John William Godward 5Preraphaelite Lassitude98Preraphaelite LassitudePreraphaelite Woman98Preraphaelite Woman640px-John Brett Val d'Aosta 1858150Suzellen640px-John Brett Val d'Aosta 1858Waterhouse - La Fileuse300pileofknotsWaterhouse - La FileuseWaterhouse - The Lady of Shalott300pileofknotsWaterhouse - The Lady of ShalottMillais - Ophelia300pileofknotsMillais - OpheliaMillais - The Blind Girl300pileofknotsMillais - The Blind GirlBurne-Jones - The Arming and Departure of the Knights300pileofknotsBurne-Jones - The Arming and Departure of the KnightsBurne-Jones - The Beguiling of Merlin300pileofknotsBurne-Jones - The Beguiling of MerlinAnderson - Take the Fair Face of Woman300pileofknotsAnderson - Take the Fair Face of WomanRossetti - Proserpine300pileofknotsRossetti - ProserpineHunt - The Awakening Conscience300pileofknotsHunt - The Awakening ConsciencePreraphaelite498Preraphaelite4Preraphaelite Woman 298Preraphaelite Woman 2Swallow Swallow John Everett Millais300CasamassimaSwallow Swallow John Everett MillaisThe-missal-1902 John William Waterhouse299CasamassimaThe-missal-1902 John William WaterhouseMarie Spartali Stillman 2180PaganAtheistMarie Spartali Stillman 2Marie Spartali Stillman 1180PaganAtheistMarie Spartali Stillman 1John-everett-millais-ophelia300CasamassimaJohn-everett-millais-opheliaWaterhouse-gather ye rosebuds-1909204CasamassimaWaterhouse-gather ye rosebuds-1909319_Imogen_-_Herbert_Gustave_Schmalz-299cymbeline319_Imogen_-_Herbert_Gustave_Schmalz-2