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Temple of Heaven300WiccaSmurfTemple of Heavenpraying mantis6qwertzpraying mantisGreg Olsen 'Don't Forget to Pray'88rwmainGreg Olsen 'Don't Forget to Pray'Squirrel praying-wallpaper-1280x76840just4fun1122Squirrel praying-wallpaper-1280x768Save the children!12ardenaSave the children!praying mantis6qwertzpraying mantispraying mantis6qwertzpraying mantisMantis display40Winslow172Mantis display#Decorative Easter Cross180Kaboomer#Decorative Easter CrossLuckyshot-1282270475300SirRealLuckyshot-1282270475Skidder POTW6DanMoriartySkidder POTWBarber Charles Burton7117kareldgBarber Charles Burton7Teen2 praying154argreeneTeen2 prayingWhite Rabbit appears to pray after being missed by a car35RoniPoohWhite Rabbit appears to pray after being missed by a car^ Praying mantis40300zx^ Praying mantisWe Bee praying for spring!80CarolannmoWe Bee praying for spring!Praying Mantis56Kaycee55Praying Mantis^ Mantis on a sunflower48300zx^ Mantis on a sunflowerGiant Devil's Flower Mantis90PoophGiant Devil's Flower MantisPeace On Earth Good Will To All 02192AmyJoyPeace On Earth Good Will To All 02Mantas54PoophMantasMantas Dancing60PoophMantas DancingDancing Mantas48PoophDancing MantasMantas56PoophMantas