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Transition Portals (detail) (by Nancy Smeltzer)195AnnikeTransition Portals (detail) (by Nancy Smeltzer)Chapel in Serbia88Chapel in SerbiaPortal35mika7PortalPortal 260Portal 2Portal Sauz15Portal SauzBlue portal35catlocBlue portalTrani, Cattedrale, part. l'arco del portale35catlocTrani, Cattedrale, part. l'arco del portaleStone portal35mika7Stone portalBright Green Door60WyoAZgalBright Green DoorBali Indonesian Doorway55WyoAZgalBali Indonesian DoorwayVivid Entrance48WyoAZgalVivid EntrancePurple Entry90WyoAZgalPurple EntryBeautiful Yellow Doorway32WyoAZgalBeautiful Yellow DoorwayOrange Door35WyoAZgalOrange DoorRed Blue and White49WyoAZgalRed Blue and WhiteRed Vined Entry54WyoAZgalRed Vined EntryWisteria Canopy56WyoAZgalWisteria CanopyCity of Lights Doorway35WyoAZgalCity of Lights DoorwayGolestan Palace Door Tehran60WyoAZgalGolestan Palace Door TehranTintern Abbey Door Wales50WyoAZgalTintern Abbey Door WalesBehind the Green Door54WyoAZgalBehind the Green DoorYellow Door of Algarve Region in Portugal54WyoAZgalYellow Door of Algarve Region in PortugalDoorway in Estonia54WyoAZgalDoorway in EstoniaScrolled Ironwork35WyoAZgalScrolled Ironwork