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Plum Blossom, white, with Bee Friend35artytypePlum Blossom, white, with Bee FriendIMG_6613 (4)136IMG_6613 (4)Charles Wysocki 'Plum Valley'150rwmainCharles Wysocki 'Plum Valley'Plum Blossom, white36artytypePlum Blossom, whitePlum Blossom, pink35artytypePlum Blossom, pinkPlum Blossom, pink35artytypePlum Blossom, pinkPlum Blossom, white and pink35artytypePlum Blossom, white and pinkPlum Grove Japan photohito.com n70LuluMariePlum Grove Japan photohito.com nPlum Blossom, pink32artytypePlum Blossom, pinkRamo con prugne54occhiverdiRamo con prugne#Plum Smoothie6Kaboomer#Plum SmoothiePlum blossom at Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine221tnbsktsPlum blossom at Kitano Tenman-gu ShrineJam12FranquezasJamPlum Jam20Cookie303Plum JamFruit Set80GramarvaFruit SetStill Life with Fruit and Champagne54chirStill Life with Fruit and Champagnestill life35sadladystill lifestill life40sadladystill lifePlum Pie48pizzapopPlum Piefruits40sadladyfruitsfruits and flowers48sadladyfruits and flowersAutumn Still Life40sadladyAutumn Still LifeFruit300YiaYiaFruitStill Life300YiaYiaStill Life