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Plum ice lollies24patijewlPlum ice lollies^ Zinnia Bouquet in Peach, Coral, Lavender, Plum12300zx^ Zinnia Bouquet in Peach, Coral, Lavender, Plumfruit35sadladyfruitplum###1591 07277agliankaplum###1591 072Shiny plum35roberta1Shiny plumBrewer's Sparrow in backyard plum tree42Vivien2012Brewer's Sparrow in backyard plum treeTorta di susine45occhiverdiTorta di susineAssorted fruit45leoleobobeoAssorted fruitPlum cake112yedoreenPlum cakeWaiting plums are ripe20KatinkaGardenerWaiting plums are ripehealthy food-plums12ardenahealthy food-plumshealthy food-plums12ardenahealthy food-plumsFragrant spring lilacs108diana473Fragrant spring lilacsPlum Blossom, white, with Bee Friend35artytypePlum Blossom, white, with Bee FriendIMG_6613 (4)136IMG_6613 (4)Charles Wysocki 'Plum Valley'150Rita49Charles Wysocki 'Plum Valley'Plum Blossom, white36artytypePlum Blossom, whitePlum Blossom, pink35artytypePlum Blossom, pinkPlum Blossom, pink35artytypePlum Blossom, pinkPlum Blossom, white and pink35artytypePlum Blossom, white and pinkPlum Grove Japan photohito.com n70LuluMariePlum Grove Japan photohito.com nPlum Blossom, pink32artytypePlum Blossom, pinkRamo con prugne54occhiverdiRamo con prugne#Plum Smoothie6Kaboomer#Plum Smoothie