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Autumn78xyz1Autumnautumn20qwertzautumnteddy bear in autumn park24qwertzteddy bear in autumn park'Amber' by Svetlana Belyaeva16dangergirl'Amber' by Svetlana BelyaevaUlysses S. Grant and family, 187012normaloisUlysses S. Grant and family, 1870Peaceful avenue35WIL1950Peaceful avenuekiss!32ninussakiss!harvest time77ninussaharvest timeItaly @ @ Photography @ Pixabay...80715ajan3Autumn Photography @ Pixabay...Dahlia @ Pixabay...9715ajan3Dahlia @ Pixabay...Autumn Art @ Pixabay...88715ajan3Autumn Art @ Pixabay...Mid Autumn Festival @ Pinterest...48715ajan3Mid Autumn Festival @ Pinterest...Autumn Fox @ Fox @ Most Beautiful Sunset in the World by Eszra Tanner....117715ajan3The Most Beautiful Sunset in the World by Eszra Tanner....Fall Colors~ MikeSavad100BronwynFall Colors~ MikeSavadRed Autumn Leaves24bodhi4meRed Autumn LeavesAutumn Soup @ Soup @ Crafts @ Crafts @ Magical Spot91TrixieIZdiscombobulatedA Magical SpotThe claw is our master120TrixieIZdiscombobulatedThe claw is our masterHat Creek California136TrixieIZdiscombobulatedHat Creek CaliforniaSpring @ Pixabay...48715ajan3Spring @ Pixabay...Autumn Colours @ Colours @