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A PRETTY VINTAGE PORCH300TrishaLeeA PRETTY VINTAGE PORCH'Kittens On Mirror' artist unknown99Wett'Kittens On Mirror' artist unknownCubism cat100WettCubism cathamster gymnastyic6ninussahamster gymnastyiccat gymnastic6ninussacat gymnasticI'm going to live?6ninussaI'm going to live?NO GIRLS ALLOWED72TrishaLeeNO GIRLS ALLOWEDIMG_8552289mountainsnakesIMG_8552'Cat Nouveau' by Farrar80Wett'Cat Nouveau' by FarrarHandsome Maxi cat12Nena011Handsome Maxi catMolly on blanket100sarahbeaderMolly on blanketMolly by the lamp100sarahbeaderMolly by the lampCOLORFUL QUILTS70TrishaLeeCOLORFUL QUILTSOne man and his dog by fbuk24dankenstyneOne man and his dog by fbukhomeless man and his dog25dankenstynehomeless man and his dogGiant George World's Tallest Dog-Owner Christie Nasser42dankenstyneGiant George World's Tallest Dog-Owner Christie NasserGiant George World's Tallest Dog-Owner Dave Nasser48dankenstyneGiant George World's Tallest Dog-Owner Dave NasserIn a shelter ;( W schronisku35jamartaIn a shelter ;( W schroniskuI m dying of laughter117hanhuaI m dying of laughtersilhouette by jsablinskis35dankenstynesilhouette by jsablinskisOne-Man-and-His-Dog-Simon White15dankenstyneOne-Man-and-His-Dog-Simon WhiteDalmatian Puppy and Roses54KarindDalmatian Puppy and Roseseven as the rain16ninussaeven as the rainReize55ReizeReize