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border collie triplets15ninussaborder collie tripletscat triplets12ninussacat tripletsDog with Tilted Head48JamieTKDog with Tilted Headborder collie as a babysitter15ninussaborder collie as a babysitterSingapura cat boops owner's nose, international feline beauty co299Singapura cat boops owner's nose, international feline beauty coPRECIOUS KITTY12zipnonPRECIOUS KITTYDog-with-different-colored-eyes-1300Dog-with-different-colored-eyes-1bordel collie in the sowthistle15ninussabordel collie in the sowthistleBOXER FACE15zipnonBOXER FACECat nap - Debbie Cook16patijewlCat nap - Debbie CookAmy Rosenberg 'Polly's Pet Shop'150rwmainAmy Rosenberg 'Polly's Pet Shop'Australian shepard100shelbatronAustralian shepardBoxer Puppy36Kaycee55Boxer PuppyThe Sea Monster6ninussaThe Sea Monsteroh well maybe I love chocolate too much!?!4ninussaoh well maybe I love chocolate too much!?!Takeaway kitty12Nena011Takeaway kittyDog35LadyfingerDogDog40eliwwwDogThe Rainbow Bridge, Copyright Jim Warren280scafleetThe Rainbow Bridge, Copyright Jim WarrenReize54ReizeReizeLovely Pet49Charlie1934Lovely Pethelping mom70TrishaLeehelping momCat and Pansies130Cat and PansiesGet outta my yard!6ninussaGet outta my yard!