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The Beatles28lindak748The BeatlesGood Old Summertime, Keith Brown @ Pinterest...99715ajan3Good Old Summertime, Keith Brown @ Pinterest...Outing in Our New Buick~ RobertBerran100BronwynOuting in Our New Buick~ RobertBerranPromenade in the Time of Louis XVI, Victor Lesur88BronwynPromenade in the Time of Louis XVI, Victor LesurChristmas at the fire station110lindak748Christmas at the fire stationThe Wizard of Oz35lindak748The Wizard of OzMoon Bloodgood 1212dankenstyneMoon Bloodgood 12MIKE'S BAIT SHACK...80TrishaLeeMIKE'S BAIT SHACK...Naïf300mariamar72Naïfcavalcade of colors170cavalcade of colorsA Pretty Place by Nicky Boehme...99715ajan3A Pretty Place by Nicky Boehme...Lucky Marbles by Susan Brabeau...80715ajan3Lucky Marbles by Susan Brabeau...Sponge-bob42TeaLeafSponge-bobBestest Friends4tulsa7035Bestest Friends#NYC Times Square15Kaboomer#NYC Times SquareEyes wide shut moonBloodgood (2)20dankenstyneEyes wide shut moonBloodgood (2)THE CHECKER GAME80TrishaLeeTHE CHECKER GAMESTOMP THE GRAPES,STOMP THE GRAPES,99TrishaLeeSTOMP THE GRAPES,STOMP THE GRAPES,THE OLD QUILT BARN99TrishaLeeTHE OLD QUILT BARNVillage Gas Station88jostyneVillage Gas StationEnd of Season~ John Sloane99BronwynEnd of Season~ John SloaneGathering in Front of Town Hall~ Harry Anderson II99BronwynGathering in Front of Town Hall~ Harry Anderson II103523915_large_236Pododo103523915_large_2Crochet baby lady bug15lindak748Crochet baby lady bug