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Shooting The Rapids Laurel Hill Pennsylvania91AmyJoyShooting The Rapids Laurel Hill PennsylvaniaHarvest Time Pennsylvania USA120gamtnwxHarvest Time Pennsylvania USAPennsylvania Barn in the Fall USA117gamtnwxPennsylvania Barn in the Fall USAHeadhouse Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA120gamtnwxHeadhouse Philadelphia Pennsylvania USAMile 1283 Delaware River Valley77AmyJoyMile 1283 Delaware River ValleyMile 1281 Mount Minsi Overlook140AmyJoyMile 1281 Mount Minsi OverlookMount Minsi Overlook Toward Mount Tammany91AmyJoyMount Minsi Overlook Toward Mount TammanyMile 1280 Mount Minsi Stairs35AmyJoyMile 1280 Mount Minsi StairsMile 1277 Kirkridge Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1277 Kirkridge ShelterMile 1275 Wolf Rocks Part 154AmyJoyMile 1275 Wolf Rocks Part 1Mile 1267 Hahns Lookout88AmyJoyMile 1267 Hahns LookoutWildflower Moccasin Flower48AmyJoyWildflower Moccasin FlowerTrail From Leroy Smith Shelter32AmyJoyTrail From Leroy Smith ShelterMile 1264 Tents at Leroy Shelter10AmyJoyMile 1264 Tents at Leroy ShelterMile 1249 Wild Blueberry40AmyJoyMile 1249 Wild BlueberryPleasant Barn90AmyJoyPleasant BarnTourist Steam Engine Train through Lehigh Gorge91AmyJoyTourist Steam Engine Train through Lehigh GorgeMile 1247 Getting Dizzy at Lehigh Gap120AmyJoyMile 1247 Getting Dizzy at Lehigh GapButterfly40AmyJoyButterflyMile 1244 Wildflower Trout Lily32AmyJoyMile 1244 Wildflower Trout LilyDownstream35AmyJoyDownstreamMile 1242 Lehigh Trail152AmyJoyMile 1242 Lehigh TrailMile 1239a Bake Oven Knob150AmyJoyMile 1239a Bake Oven KnobMile 1239 Bake Oven Knob Shelter15AmyJoyMile 1239 Bake Oven Knob Shelter