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amazing nature!15ardenaamazing nature!A pasture in snow300karlakellyA pasture in snow01370masterpiecer013Herrero, Lowell Tabby Cat Photobombs Cow108docrabbitsHerrero, Lowell Tabby Cat Photobombs CowMare and her foal90alseaMare and her foalcolorful garments12ardenacolorful garmentsNormandy,France12ardenaNormandy,FranceWatching It Grow35LetiBravoWatching It GrowVisual appeal35LetiBravoVisual appealDONKEY20zipnonDONKEY^ Mountain View Farm ~ Ellen Eilers35300zx^ Mountain View Farm ~ Ellen EilersStandardbred Mare & Foal117CovertStandardbred Mare & FoalWarwick castle,UK12ardenaWarwick castle,UKPond under the Clouds, Utah(used by permission)120CovertPond under the Clouds, Utah(used by permission)Chickens35Chickens^ Grazing36300zx^ Grazingsunset over clouds15ardenasunset over cloudsbeautiful landscape12ardenabeautiful landscapeGoat Happiness60CovertGoat HappinessFawns72CovertFawnsSheltering Sheep, Isle of Aran72CovertSheltering Sheep, Isle of AranDrunk elephants marula15ardenaDrunk elephants marulaFirst Down Dash99StudlyFirst Down DashCOW12zipnonCOW