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Stanley park-Vancouver12Nena011Stanley park-VancouverWinter in Central Park56AnnaFrbgWinter in Central ParkCity Park80buckeye45601City ParkBathing Blue-winged Warbler at Lafitte's Cove,36swreaderBathing Blue-winged Warbler at Lafitte's Cove,Summer Tanager at Lafitte's Cove35swreaderSummer Tanager at Lafitte's CoveMale American Redstart at Lafitte's Cove35swreaderMale American Redstart at Lafitte's CoveSouth Dakota Big Cat 263djeanSouth Dakota Big Cat 2South Dakota Big Cat48djeanSouth Dakota Big CatSouth Dakota Bison60djeanSouth Dakota BisonSoda Butte Creek in Winter35mika7Soda Butte Creek in WinterYosemite's night sky96catmom040Yosemite's night skySWXib2zcIDI289zipiSWXib2zcIDISunrise view of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone72swreaderSunrise view of the Grand Canyon of the YellowstonePark3b117Park3bAbandonded Snack Shack, New Orleans28BlindTigerAbandonded Snack Shack, New OrleansMisty Reflections, Yosemite National Park, California35dianasplaceMisty Reflections, Yosemite National Park, CaliforniaRoundabouts300barbvanbenRoundaboutsLower Falls from Inspiration Point70swreaderLower Falls from Inspiration PointAutumn in the park12Nena011Autumn in the parkAcadia National Park204clynndunnAcadia National ParkBoston Natl Historic Park221clynndunnBoston Natl Historic ParkRomantic evening150sherrie11Romantic eveningOld, Huge Mossy Oak at Campground63swreaderOld, Huge Mossy Oak at Campground16684185_10155153312056015_2379066498828359081_n27016684185_10155153312056015_2379066498828359081_n