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horses30karkulehorseswinter99karkulewinterSilver and pink70Silver and pinkLightworker Energy Art by Primal Painter48nosboh72Lightworker Energy Art by Primal PainterKoi Pond 2 - Liquid Fish Love Art by Sharon Cummings50nosboh72Koi Pond 2 - Liquid Fish Love Art by Sharon Cummingsrainbow108bardunrainbowkittygarten, Alma Lee252bardunkittygarten, Alma Leepainting the sky110AtoZpainting the skyBack country beauty130sherrie11Back country beautyBright colors260zookeepertxBright colorsThe MoretheMerrier~ JohnSloane ii99BronwynThe MoretheMerrier~ JohnSloane iiThe Gilded Cage~ Evelyn de Morgan100BronwynThe Gilded Cage~ Evelyn de MorganColorful Tree300alyssialandColorful TreeKunstler, Mort - Magnolia Morning30patijewlKunstler, Mort - Magnolia MorningIrene klestova blue70Irene klestova blueIrene klestova bouquet70Irene klestova bouquettree of dreams9qwertztree of dreamsCottage-painting20gelsominaCottage-paintingwinter-wolves-art96karkulewinter-wolves-artPreety birds and thistles by John Sloane20patijewlPreety birds and thistles by John SloaneMar Lamers120MichemaxsaMar LamersI'm going to paint today.12jillnjoI'm going to paint today.Rob Gonsalves36MichemaxsaRob GonsalvesBob Ross's Trees and Mountains112daveat23Bob Ross's Trees and Mountains