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Grandma72MichemaxsaGrandmaMaritime Special by Lisa Lorenz24715ajan3Maritime Special by Lisa LorenzBeautiful Welsh Village, painted by David Barnes32715ajan3Beautiful Welsh Village, painted by David BarnesMother's love, :)24715ajan3Mother's love, :)^ Forest cottage45300zx^ Forest cottage^ Edwin L. Green ~ The Quarter - Winter48300zx^ Edwin L. Green ~ The Quarter - WinterDima Dmitriev [Дима Дмитриев] - Russian Impressionist16715ajan3Dima Dmitriev [Дима Дмитриев] - Russian ImpressionistKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna99EcclesiastesKunsthistorisches Museum, ViennaAndré Derain - Mountains at Collioure 190548mikhailAndré Derain - Mountains at Collioure 1905Thomas Kinkado Painting300TuzoThomas Kinkado Painting5febbee230ed5825d6c92fcae67fc6f81805febbee230ed5825d6c92fcae67fc6f8The walk in the park 58serejkaThe walk in the park 5The walk in the park 456serejkaThe walk in the park 4The walk in the park 312serejkaThe walk in the park 3The walk in the park 230serejkaThe walk in the park 2Leon Bonnat fille-romaine-la-fontaine-1875299ddubzLeon Bonnat fille-romaine-la-fontaine-1875Gustav Klimt300Gustav Klimt☺♥ Lovely pair...30Celestialflyer☺♥ Lovely pair...☺♥ Harmony and beauty of the colors...48Celestialflyer☺♥ Harmony and beauty of the colors...☺♥ In love with the rain...4Celestialflyer☺♥ In love with the rain...Rufio with paint brush effect35Kaycee55Rufio with paint brush effectDima Dmitriev [Дима Дмитриев] - Russian Impressionist painter25715ajan3Dima Dmitriev [Дима Дмитриев] - Russian Impressionist painterman in kitchen90kirimbaman in kitchenRomero Britto Fish288PennyTangoRomero Britto Fish