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John Wilson Carmichael, Shipping ... Dutch coast, 186760puzlartJohn Wilson Carmichael, Shipping ... Dutch coast, 186721731090_781099138729069_2545991193842626589_n12napsugar195821731090_781099138729069_2545991193842626589_nCity Digs Painting by Karla Gerard300KithraCity Digs Painting by Karla Gerardtree by Lawrie Dignan252barduntree by Lawrie DignanAutumn Falls~ Derek Roberts HD wp99BronwynAutumn Falls~ Derek Roberts HD wpSeasons of Life~ Markeathley 1152x76496BronwynSeasons of Life~ Markeathley 1152x764Soiree~ Maurice Leloir88BronwynSoiree~ Maurice Leloirdownpour140JeanBdownpourBeland, Helene Woman Eating Grapes by the Sea100docrabbitsBeland, Helene Woman Eating Grapes by the SeaCollier, John - A Modern Portrayal of the Annunciation100docrabbitsCollier, John - A Modern Portrayal of the AnnunciationSuvorova, Olga Makers of Music66docrabbitsSuvorova, Olga Makers of MusicBurke, Brenda Treasure90docrabbitsBurke, Brenda TreasureLooking Back ~ Daniel Gerhartz77Kat512Looking Back ~ Daniel GerhartzQueen isabella of castile1228puzz26Queen isabella of castile1Scent of the Country ~ Guido Borelli90Kat512Scent of the Country ~ Guido BorelliHarvest View ~ Keith Stapleton88Kat512Harvest View ~ Keith StapletonMy Floral Universe ~ Kim Jacobs80Kat512My Floral Universe ~ Kim JacobsRaphael's Portrait of a Lady With a Unicorn234puzz26Raphael's Portrait of a Lady With a UnicornWarrior painting35purrydazeWarrior paintingZebra painting35purrydazeZebra painting20800109_1622157784470686_3226648890129695768_n12napsugar195820800109_1622157784470686_3226648890129695768_n21369160_924430811058095_5468582678741525912_n12napsugar195821369160_924430811058095_5468582678741525912_nfall gathering12qwertzfall gatheringViking ship painting198IguAnnaViking ship painting