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The Accordion Player~ Ivan Semenovich Kulikov 1874-194199BronwynThe Accordion Player~ Ivan Semenovich Kulikov 1874-1941Arrangement300ArrangementPaul Klee - Magie des poissons 192535mikhailPaul Klee - Magie des poissons 1925Baskets of summer fruit -william hammer 1821-8963feralblueBaskets of summer fruit -william hammer 1821-89Horse Painting42WiccaSmurfHorse Painting#Local Art Mayne Island Market24Kaboomer#Local Art Mayne Island Marketapple love6qwertzapple loveartist Jim Warren20qwertzartist Jim Warrenflowers12qwertzflowersgateway to Amsterdam12qwertzgateway to Amsterdambrilliant dolphins15qwertzbrilliant dolphinsrose garden15qwertzrose gardentwo sisters12qwertztwo sistersKeith Mallett (49)90mariangelsKeith Mallett (49)Keith Mallett (4)91mariangelsKeith Mallett (4)Luncheon of the Boating Party300Im2prezLuncheon of the Boating PartyThe Geographer300Im2prezThe GeographerGirl with a Pearl Earring300Im2prezGirl with a Pearl EarringKees van dongen90mariangelsKees van dongenPersistence of Memory300Im2prezPersistence of MemoryJoaquim Sunyer (2)90mariangelsJoaquim Sunyer (2)Napoleon I on his Imperial Throne299Im2prezNapoleon I on his Imperial ThroneTumblr npfxb4g3Oz1tv3g49o1 1280198Tumblr npfxb4g3Oz1tv3g49o1 1280Summer in Tuscany - Painting90oldporscheracerSummer in Tuscany - Painting