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Owl feathers35purrydazeOwl feathersSnowy owl24purrydazeSnowy owlEurasian owl28purrydazeEurasian owlTawny owl feathers24purrydazeTawny owl feathersPeruvian striped owl25purrydazePeruvian striped owlOwl24purrydazeOwlSnowy owl with the wind up her skirt!24purrydazeSnowy owl with the wind up her skirt!Horned owl30purrydazeHorned owlLong eared owl24purrydazeLong eared owlSpot-bellied eagle owl35purrydazeSpot-bellied eagle owlSleeping owls30purrydazeSleeping owlsBirds - Burrowing Owls96Magpie627Birds - Burrowing Owlsowl family252bardunowl familyThe Morepork Owl aka Ruru54AmyJoyThe Morepork Owl aka RuruTwo owls96purrydazeTwo owlsOwls12BittypuzzleOwlsOwl close-up96purrydazeOwl close-upOwls12mika7OwlsOwl 2192Owl 2MY OWLS156MY OWLSWhoooooooooo.....A pair of owls!24normaloisWhoooooooooo.....A pair of owls!White owl and babies252chopkinsWhite owl and babiesCarl Brenders 'Hidden in the Pines'99rwmainCarl Brenders 'Hidden in the Pines'owls and more owls300tkirkhamowls and more owls