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Fourth of July fireworks display over The Statue of Liberty on E99auricle99Fourth of July fireworks display over The Statue of Liberty on ESunset on the Hill40Sunset on the HillOn the Water300lauraineOn the WaterLying in the grass12mika7Lying in the grassRelax on the beach15mika7Relax on the beach10422148_1128210213878884_516018088751168143_n2010422148_1128210213878884_516018088751168143_nThree Kings Petroglyph - Gary Whitton photo60swreaderThree Kings Petroglyph - Gary Whitton photoAlps160billdicAlpsOn patrol in the Rockies.108FreddijOn patrol in the Rockies.Lavander farm France120joytLavander farm Franceman On the Moon DRINKING A Beer70pizzapopman On the Moon DRINKING A BeerJaguar in Oil35KarlitosJaguar in OilElephant-Oil-Painting-wildlife-Animal35KarlitosElephant-Oil-Painting-wildlife-AnimalAbstract-Leopard-Oil-Painting35KarlitosAbstract-Leopard-Oil-Painting2-Wolf-In-The-Snow-Wild-Animal-Art-Silk35Karlitos2-Wolf-In-The-Snow-Wild-Animal-Art-SilkTropical farm Hawaii120joytTropical farm HawaiiPortage Glacier ends with flowering fireweed70swreaderPortage Glacier ends with flowering fireweedLighthouse Carousel, Martha's Vineyard MA,45swreaderLighthouse Carousel, Martha's Vineyard MA,Horse farm120joytHorse farm2 Birdz Perched on a Key60pizzapop2 Birdz Perched on a KeySpotted Owls24KarlitosSpotted OwlsSplit Rock Lighthouse35KarlitosSplit Rock LighthouseWaiting to Become16014donnaWaiting to Becomeduck35duck