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Beautiful octopus140GlloqBeautiful octopusOctopus Measuring Spoons12AmyJoyOctopus Measuring SpoonsCuttle Fish70AmyJoyCuttle FishFinding Dory Cake70GoldGalFinding Dory CakeOctopus teapot by Mitchell Grafton16patijewlOctopus teapot by Mitchell GraftonCrab vs octopus by Mitchell Grafton8patijewlCrab vs octopus by Mitchell GraftonKnitting Octopus56KatinkaGardenerKnitting OctopusWonderland35JuiceWonderlandOctopus63dawest58OctopusOctopus 11- Catalonia112AniolOctopus 11- CataloniaOctopus 10- Catalonia108AniolOctopus 10- CataloniaWith a little help from friends60BugsbunnyWith a little help from friendsFinding Dory72BugsbunnyFinding DoryBeware the Rorschach!99marymeowBeware the Rorschach!Octopus on the move77PoohpupOctopus on the moveAn octopus or a beautiful flower?77PoohpupAn octopus or a beautiful flower?Octopus77PoohpupOctopusNewly discovered Flap Jack Octopus in Monterey Bay77PoohpupNewly discovered Flap Jack Octopus in Monterey BayA Real Close Look77PoohpupA Real Close LookLooks like a flower77PoohpupLooks like a flowerCaribbean Reef Octopus72PoohpupCaribbean Reef OctopusCamouflaged77PoohpupCamouflagedCamouflaged in East Africa's Coral Reefs77PoohpupCamouflaged in East Africa's Coral ReefsBeautiful Octopus in the Maldives77PoohpupBeautiful Octopus in the Maldives