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Arthur Rackham - Undine - The False Coin
Arthur Rackham - Undine - A beautiful little girl clad in rich g
Arthur Rackham - Undine in the Wind
William Stout - Dragon's Blast
Kay Nielson - The Troll was quite willing
Kay Nielsen - Peacock's Garden
Arthur Rackham - Brunhilde Says No to Grutrune
Ferdinand Leeke - Odin and Brunhilde
Samuel Palmer - The Harvest Moon
John Bauer - Alvida's window
Ebenezer Cobham Brewer - Siegfried awakens Brunhild
Arthur Rackham - Siegfried awakens Brünnhilde
Sutton Hoo Burial Mask
Brian Froud - The Wisest Troll
Clint Cearley - Viking Raid
Viking ship
The Dises Norse Mythology
Yggdrasil tatoo
Yggdrasil ash tree
Jotunheimen National Park , Norway
Arthur Rackham - Fafner Hey Come hither, And stop me this cranny