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Moonrise100MoonriseMY COZY PIECE OF HEAVEN99TrishaLeeMY COZY PIECE OF HEAVENLight Storm100WiccaSmurfLight StormBEAUTIFUL SHIP IN THE NIGHT88TrishaLeeBEAUTIFUL SHIP IN THE NIGHTScandinavia35WiccaSmurfScandinaviaEND OF DAY,BEGINNING OF WINTER96TrishaLeeEND OF DAY,BEGINNING OF WINTERWhat a shot!130mamileWhat a shot!Fireworks48WiccaSmurfFireworksA QUIET NIGHT IN THE COMMUNITY..108TrishaLeeA QUIET NIGHT IN THE COMMUNITY..TUCKED IN FOR THE NIGHT...99TrishaLeeTUCKED IN FOR THE NIGHT...MOONLIGHT FAMILY WALK IN THE SNOW THROUGH THEIR RUSTIC COMMUNITY88TrishaLeeMOONLIGHT FAMILY WALK IN THE SNOW THROUGH THEIR RUSTIC COMMUNITYLOSTA MASTABY by DONOVANDENNIS15CatgirlLOSTA MASTABY by DONOVANDENNISCHUCK PINSON ART....80TrishaLeeCHUCK PINSON ART....Australia Sunset2 Jan Legg ©204leggie89Australia Sunset2 Jan Legg ©Road to the Moon96LelaRoad to the MoonAnother Aussie Sunset - Jan Legg ©204leggie89Another Aussie Sunset - Jan Legg ©NO PLACE LIKE HOME...40TrishaLeeNO PLACE LIKE HOME...Full Moon over Manhattan24auntpatty34Full Moon over ManhattanIMG_20150729_15073548Tara78IMG_20150729_150735BEAUTIFUL STREAM AND WATER FALLS,35TrishaLeeBEAUTIFUL STREAM AND WATER FALLS,TERRY REDLIN ART...80TrishaLeeTERRY REDLIN ART...TERRY REDLIN ART...80TrishaLeeTERRY REDLIN ART...Flores en la noche - Flowers in the night300PatumFlores en la noche - Flowers in the nightMile 0436 Lightning Storm in Smoky Mountains54AmyJoyMile 0436 Lightning Storm in Smoky Mountains