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One of the several falls draining Crater Lake40swreaderOne of the several falls draining Crater LakeSreemangal Seven Layer Tea170AmyJoySreemangal Seven Layer TeaNative American170candacekthe1Native AmericanArtful Botswana Baskets180AmyJoyArtful Botswana BasketsSunlight sparkles on Lake Louise63swreaderSunlight sparkles on Lake LouiseAnhinga preening its feathers at anhinga trail of Everglades70swreaderAnhinga preening its feathers at anhinga trail of EvergladesSitting Bull & Buffalo Bill48PhotoSitting Bull & Buffalo BillSitting Bull -188148PhotoSitting Bull -1881Chief Sitting Bull54PhotoChief Sitting BullSunrise over open water in the Everglades40swreaderSunrise over open water in the EvergladesSamoan War Club180AmyJoySamoan War ClubKodo240AmyJoyKodoCathedral Gorge in Bungle Bungle Range60swreaderCathedral Gorge in Bungle Bungle RangeBolivian Blankets192AmyJoyBolivian BlanketsINDIAN DIRECTION TREE120INDIAN DIRECTION TREECrashing Waves 645954swreaderCrashing Waves 6459Enhanced-buzz-wide-12655-1423693553-25117justpuzzledEnhanced-buzz-wide-12655-1423693553-25Moonset at Sunrise60swreaderMoonset at SunriseSunset in Zion dramatizes Approaching Storm70swreaderSunset in Zion dramatizes Approaching StormBryce Canyon Hoodos with Ponderosa Pines70swreaderBryce Canyon Hoodos with Ponderosa PinesHistoric Light House in Biscayne Bay32swreaderHistoric Light House in Biscayne BayCheddar Gorge108keepclickingpanoramioCheddar GorgeLa Plata Peak overlooking Odessa Lake60swreaderLa Plata Peak overlooking Odessa LakeThe Rockwell Trail - Kootenay National Park70swreaderThe Rockwell Trail - Kootenay National Park