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Very Young Bobcat Kitten
Harpy Eagle coming in for a landing
Rio Celeste Waterfall in this park
Morning Glory Pool -hot spring Upper Geyeser Basin
"Old Faithful" geyser at Sunset
Coral in Reef surviving frequent hurricanes
Bristlecone pine grove at the base of Wheeler Peak
Windy Winter Sunrise over the Mummy Mountain Range
Rare Snowy Day in Tucson
Arctic-national-park-scenic w725 h489
Glacier National Park
Powwow Dancer 2
Powwow Dancer 3
Guanaco (Lama guanicoe), jumping over a fence
Torc Waterfall in Ireland’s Killarney National Park
Larung Gar, China (National Geographic)
Lady Barron Falls, Mt. Field National Park,
Strange Trees Grow in the most unlikely Places
Sunrise, Cape Tourville Lighthouse, Freycinet N.P, Tasmania
Bird Woman Falls, Glacier Nat. Park
Early winter morning at Bass Harbor Head Light
Aurora at Arcadia NP Maine
Yorkshire Dales National Park