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Muz - Roger Taylor35adelsonMuz - Roger TaylorR.E.M. Lean on Me60SmiddleR.E.M. Lean on MeR.E.M. Shiny Happy56SmiddleR.E.M. Shiny HappyR.E.M. & Roses63SmiddleR.E.M. & RosesEbony and Ivory36BookieMDEbony and IvoryMuz - stradivarius-violin35adelsonMuz - stradivarius-violinMuz - cello35adelsonMuz - celloFreddie Mercury - 0135adelsonFreddie Mercury - 01Muz - Brian May35adelsonMuz - Brian MayAccordion35adelsonAccordionRussian instrument35purrydazeRussian instrumentcremona300myfairladyz33ncremonaWind driven108RG222Wind drivenGuitarrista y Violinista by Jose de la Barra42jppffGuitarrista y Violinista by Jose de la BarraRythm~ vintage children70BronwynRythm~ vintage childrenIN THE BLOOD273WendyC67IN THE BLOODTheatre Orpheum/New Bedford/ Massachusetts48ninussaTheatre Orpheum/New Bedford/ Massachusetts6498890cPAULA VAUGHAN ART. '289TrishaLee6498890cPAULA VAUGHAN ART. 'House of music300barbvanbenHouse of musicMassey-Hall28roberta1Massey-HallI Heart Music32roberta1I Heart MusicDSC04062198puzzleaddict2DSC04062Drop the Bass32roberta1Drop the BassArt Music Collage70NiftyFiftiesArt Music Collage