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Mist over water54Vivien2012Mist over waterRivage calme35dhcpRivage calmeGood Morning Herefordshire!240ClivegGood Morning Herefordshire!Misty morning90pinkfluffyslippersMisty morningSun on top of mist54shaperSun on top of mistCigno sul fiume Avon42occhiverdiCigno sul fiume AvonBarefoot in the Pink Mist35TigerjagBarefoot in the Pink MistPink Mist35TigerjagPink MistUccelli nella nebbia45occhiverdiUccelli nella nebbia02270masterpiecer02201672masterpiecer016Niagara Falls - American Falls88PhotoGuy1962Niagara Falls - American Falls00270masterpiecer002Mist from Niagra can been seen from miles away6normaloisMist from Niagra can been seen from miles awaySpring mist96Spring mistThe Shtandart visiting Norway150MorvorenThe Shtandart visiting NorwayPurple forrest in the mist40SuyzQPurple forrest in the mist04272masterpiecer04204072masterpiecer040Dream Cottage~ Kinkade dsktpnxus-1024x768-bb99BronwynDream Cottage~ Kinkade dsktpnxus-1024x768-bbLow Light Mist Over Fields300EmbeeLow Light Mist Over FieldsLake-cabin32LetiBravoLake-cabin06772masterpiecer06707872masterpiecer078