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Alexandrite300RikkiAlexandriteBlue Agate geode300RikkiBlue Agate geodeChrystals42WIL1950ChrystalsLuz Opal300RikkiLuz OpalCano Cristales river12ardenaCano Cristales riverWulfenite from Arizona300RikkiWulfenite from ArizonaMalachite ps Azurite with Azurite on Arsentsumebite, Duftite and300RikkiMalachite ps Azurite with Azurite on Arsentsumebite, Duftite andGolden rain tree dd90Swangoose56Golden rain tree ddGeode 1dd80Swangoose56Geode 1ddCrystal cluster in blue dd90Swangoose56Crystal cluster in blue ddGarnet dd80Swangoose56Garnet ddmandalas on rocks25Knawnsmandalas on rocksAzurite dd90Swangoose56Azurite ddAmethyst geode dd77Swangoose56Amethyst geode ddAmethyst 11 dd80Swangoose56Amethyst 11 ddDeep color Minasragrite dd77Swangoose56Deep color Minasragrite ddAmethyst geode with nice stalacmite ..dd90Swangoose56Amethyst geode with nice stalacmite ..ddAmethyst Stalagtite Cluster..56Swangoose56Amethyst Stalagtite Cluster..Aquamarine with Muscovite with Albite dd90Swangoose56Aquamarine with Muscovite with Albite ddCalcite on bi-colored Fluorite and Chalcopyrite covered Sphaleri81Swangoose56Calcite on bi-colored Fluorite and Chalcopyrite covered SphaleriCoyamito agate with aragonite.. dd81Swangoose56Coyamito agate with aragonite.. ddApache Agate..70Swangoose56Apache Agate..Humite from Italy300RikkiHumite from ItalyElbaite Tourmaline cluster from Brazil300RikkiElbaite Tourmaline cluster from Brazil