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Saying Goodbye~ Mort Kuntsler99BronwynSaying Goodbye~ Mort Kuntsler"Distant lovers" by gyaban96Robotophe"Distant lovers" by gyabanColorful Coney Island108QuenojuegaColorful Coney IslandTHE PUPPETEERS70TrishaLeeTHE PUPPETEERSFlamenco passion24patijewlFlamenco passionangels by luis royo300ninussaangels by luis royoCOUPLE IN LOVE70TrishaLeeCOUPLE IN LOVEMinneapolis28auntpatty34MinneapolisNew Life~ MortKuntsler99BronwynNew Life~ MortKuntslerThe Suitor~ Francesco Beda88BronwynThe Suitor~ Francesco BedaThe mask of love96TrishaLeeThe mask of loveHappy Valentine's Day72sfranguHappy Valentine's DayAT THE HAMPTONS299TrishaLeeAT THE HAMPTONSPARIS STREET CAFE.70TrishaLeePARIS STREET CAFE.^ Castle32300zx^ CastleVictorian Romance99BronwynVictorian RomanceRokokopaar~ Federico Andreotti99BronwynRokokopaar~ Federico AndreottiLEAVING THE ART SHOW120TrishaLeeLEAVING THE ART SHOWValentines72sfranguValentines#Palace of Versailles Fountain24Kaboomer#Palace of Versailles FountainCLOWN SINGING TO ME'LADY..70TrishaLeeCLOWN SINGING TO ME'LADY..PALACE PIER70TrishaLeePALACE PIERjusta walking the dog...96TrishaLeejusta walking the dog...men at the bar70TrishaLeemen at the bar